13th of July, what a fabulous night

The past Saturday 13th of July, 20 of our friends got together to inaugurate what was the first Costa Blanca Maritime supper club of 2013. The trial dinner featured an eight-course menu based on local dishes and specialties, which our guests enjoyed alongside with some laughter and a very friendly atmosphere.

Many thanks to Guan Leong ( and Shaeron Yapp for their photos!


First supper club date!

I am proud to announce the first Costa Blanca Maritime supper club!
After weeks of exhausting wait, we finally have a date and venue. The event will be held on the 13th of July at FARM:shop in Dalston. Dinner will start at 7:30pm. Feel free to email me at for more information.

(Remember that this is a BYOB dinner, alcohol will not be sold at the venue).

Menu — 13th of July, 2013


Pan tostado con acompañamientos (tomate, pericana, ajoaceite)
Toasted bread with accompaniment sauces (tomato, ‘pericana’, aioli)

Navajas a la marinera
Razor clams with garlic and parsley

Tabla de ibéricos y almendras Marcona
Assorted ‘ibérico’ cured meats and PDO Marcona almonds


Salazones en aceite con ensalada de tomate aliñada
Cured tuna belly and fish roe with dressed tomato salad

Escabeche de caballa
Mackerel braised in a slightly acidic sauce

Carrilleras de cerdo con orejones y vino tinto
Stewed pork cheeks with dried apricots and red wine


Arroz de conejo y pollo
Rabbit and chicken paella


Pastisset de boniato
Sweet potato pasty

‘Moscatel’ sweet wine